Tips & TricksEdit

The two biggest Tips and Tricks to this and any Social Network game is to gather as many friends as you can to play with you (aka: Neighbors) and to maximize the use of time. Plan your farm around your schedule. If you can only get to the game every 12 hours, then plant those crops that have 10 or 12 hour timers, so crops don't spoil. (At the time of this writing, I've yet to experience any crops spoiling or expiring, this concept is common in all Farming games to date, so I'm going to assume there is a mechanism in Farmandia as well... I'll have to experiment later).

Start out by inviting as many friends as you can. This not only gives you a pool of players from which to gain bonuses from, but also will give you a good starting pool of Diamonds from which to purchase buildings from. At the beginning coins are not just rolling in, and the coin costs for factories is pretty expensive. 15 Diamonds thru invites comes much easier than 500k coins for a Ketchup Factory. Tomotoes are cheap and harvest in 4 hours. Harvesting Tomatoes gives you 70 coins per plot and processing them in a Ketchup Factory will give +400% of that. My personal choice of starting buildings is a Jam Factory as the Strawberries harvest in 2 hours and Grapes are in 4. Blackberry bushes are harvested in 5 hours and Raspberry in 7, all of which can be used by the Jam Factory. A Jam factory costs 20 Diamonds and cannot be purchased with coins.