Assets at the startEdit

  • 9 plots (3 Wheat, 3 Sunflower, 3 Tomatoe)
    • 3 Wheat
      • Because you have a mill, you should use the processing option when harvesting the wheat. To use the processing option click on the 3rd icon in your action bar; the one that looks like two gears. When your mouse icon changes, click on the wheat plots.
      • You will gain 140 coins for gathering the Wheat
      • You will gain 140 coins +50% for processing the Wheat (processing takes 30 minutes per item in the Mill)
    • 3 Sunflower
      • You will gain 255 coins for gathering the Sunflower
    • 3 Tomatoes
      • You will gain 70 coins for gathering the Tomatoes
  • 1 Apple Tree
    • You will gain 120 coins for gathering the Apples
  • 1 Birch Tree
    • You will gain 220 coins for gathering juice from the Birch tree
  • 1 Raspberry Bush
    • You will gain 100 coins for gathering from the Raspberry Bush
  • 1 White Hen w/1 egg
    • You will gain 30 coins for gathering the egg
  • 1 Shed (Storage Building: 20 free units)
  • 1 Mill (Produces Flour from harvested Wheat and Rye)
  • 1 Bungalow (decoration only)
  • 1 Cart (decoration only)
  • 1 Log pile (decoration only)
  • 5 Fence segments (decoration only)
  • 1 Gate segment (decoration only)
  • 25 fuel
  • 1 Diamond (for starting the game at level 1)
  • 1398 coins
  • 0 xp
  • You will also automatically have neighbors if any of your Social Network friends are playing the game.

Gathering causes the timers to reset on trees, bushes, and animals. Plots require more work in the form of plowing and re-seeding. Plowing gives you +1 xp for each plot. Re-seeding will cost coins and give xp based on the seed type. Since you start with a Mill, it is best to start seeding Wheat as you are able to gain more harvesting wheat when processing it thru the mill. Each plot will cost 95 coins and give you 1 xp. See the Seed Chart for specific gains per item.

When you have finished the above suggestions you will have 1988 coins and 18 xp, be level 1 and your cooldown timers are as follows:

  • 9 Plots of Wheat: 3 hours
  • 1 Raspberry Tree: 7 hours
  • 1 Apple Tree: 9 hours
  • 1 Birch Tree: 10 hours
  • 1 White Hen: 12 hours

With your remaining coins you can continue to grow your farm by plowing more plots (use the 2nd icon; the spade) and seeding those with Wheat as well) You can seed an additional 20 plots with the money you have earned.

After plowing your 20 plots and seeding them with Wheat, you will only have 88 coins, but you will have gained 1 level and 2 diamonds.

The rest is up to you... but for click here, for more gameplay advice.