Diamonds are the in-game currency that can be won by completing tasks in-game, purchasing them with real money, or completing offers from third party businesses.


  • You earn 1 Diamond for every level you achieve in Farmandia.
  • You earn 1 Diamond for every person you invite to the game.
    • (duplicate invites do not award a diamond)

Purchasing DiamondsEdit

  • You can purchase diamonds with real money; the list below shows the current purchase prices as of this writing (12 Sept 2010)

$ Dollars $Diamonds

Completing OffersEdit

  • You can also complete Offers and be awarded Diamonds.
    • Some require you to purchase gifts or services thru companies.
    • Some require you to provide a Credit Card number and subscribe to a trial service, to which you can cancel at anytime and never be charged.
    • Some require you to download/install other applications thru Facebook or other Social Network.
    • Some require you to register with survey companies and complete surveys.
    • Some require you to apply for a free insurance quote (no obligation, but you have to apply with valid vehicle information)